Tradenostix | Crypto Reporting Solutions

Our Mission

At our core, we are a company made up of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. We want to see the cryptocurrency industry gain mainstream adoption. One barrier, of many, that inhibits this growth is the reluctancy for traders and investors to enter the crypto market due to operational issues. This is where we come in. As a result of creating the Tradenostix platform, investors of all sizes should now feel confident investing in the crypto realm, knowing that they have a solution to track their trades and analyze their portfolio.

The Tradenostix team has in depth experience with both trading operations and technology. Ever since we delved into the cryptocurrency realm in early 2014, we were hooked. Given our diverse backgrounds dealing with both hedge funds operations and technology development, we were quick to identify the need for financial services around cryptocurrencies. We now bring this same level of sophistication and commitment to the crypto industry. As more sophisticated services around the industry are created, the more the cryptocurrency industry can grow.

Our commitment to our clients is to create a frictionless workflow for business firms, daily traders and active investors. Allow us to handle your technological headaches by integrating with your third parties, calculating data, pulling in reliable mark prices, housing your data, and more. This way you can focus on doing what you do best.

Our ultimate satisfaction comes from seeing our clients become more profitable.