Tradenostix | Crypto Reporting Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Which exchanges do you currently support?

A. We currently support GDAX, Poloniex and Bittrex. Integrating with more exchanges is an ongoing process, and we are always working to add more. If there is an exchange that you use, which we do not support, please reach out to us at with your inquiry.

Q.Where do you get data and pricing from?

A. We pull data from, as well as from each of the exchanges we are integrated with. We use historical prices for any conversion calculations, and we also have historical daily BTC to USD prices going back to April 28, 2013.

Q.What is your offering in short summary?

A. We have three main modules to our application:

Overview - you can view your aggregate portfolio value and 24 hour change, as well as each of your coins’ 24 hour change. This view can be toggles between BTC or USD.

Reports (all reports can be generated in BTC or USD, and all reports can be queried by date range)

  • Holdings Report - shows details of all of your open positions for any given date as well as unrealized P&L.
  • Transactions Report - shows all of your transactions and net amounts transacted for any given time frame. You can also choose which transaction types you want to view.
  • Realized Gain/Loss - show a total amount realized over a given time frame. Additionally, this report shows each individual trade transacted in the given date range with that particular realized amount.
  • P&L Overview Report - shows the total amount of money invested in a coin lifetime, and the amount returned, as well as an unrealized P&L for your open positions.

  • Portfolio Allocations - we show your portfolio allocations as a whole, as well as by exchange.
  • Top 5 winners/losers - we show which open positions are currently helping or hurting your portfolio right now.

Q.Is your data accurate?

A. Our number one priority is data accuracy and reliability. We understand that you will be making trading decisions based off of the data we show, and to that point we are confident that our calculations are accurate as can be given the data we have in our system for your account. It is up to the end user to ensure that the exchange sent us proper transactions, and to tidy up the portfolio as they feel fit. We provide the tools for users to edit their portfolio as they please.

Q.How secure are my API keys?

A. We highly recommend providing your read-only API keys, so that there is no access to perform trades or withdraw from your account. Read-only API keys allow us only to pull your transaction.

Q.Do you include fees in realized gain/losses?

A. Yes, we account for fees on both the opening and closing transaction before showing you your net realized/gain loss on a transaction.

Q.Can I add offline holdings?

A. Yes, offline holdings can be included in your portfolio. You can add wallet holdings, and update those holdings.

Q.Can I add manual transactions?

A. Yes, after you integrate with one or multiple exchanges, you can also add manual transactions on those exchanges.

Q.Can I edit or delete existing transactions?

A. Yes, you can edit, delete, and add transactions as well as offline holdings.