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Simple Overview

View your overall performance at a quick glance. Our easy-to-use overview allows you to view your current positions, total portfolio value, and 24-Hour P&L in Bitcoin or fiat.

Premium Reports

Dig in to your data using various reports. We offer transaction reports, holdings, P&L, and more. The majority of our reports can be ran by date range, and your latest trades are updated in our system automatically.

Sleek Widgets

Our widgets express your data visually through pie charts, P&L meters, and graphs, allowing users to quickly analyze their portfolio.

Custom Reporting

If you would like a report that is not currently offered, feel free to speak with one of our representatives to discuss your specific needs.

Automated Trade Import

Save time by importing your transactions automatically from multiple exchanges via API and CSV. At launch we will support Bittrex, Poloniex, GDAX and more.

Personal Support

Customer support is our top priority. If you have questions related to your data, calculations, reports, or have inquiries for new functionalities, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Smart Portfolio Builder

After importing your transactions, our system builds your portfolio with the following elements in mind:

  • Exchange Delistings - When different exchanges delisted certain markets
  • Hard Forks - How different exchanges handled hard fork events
  • Closing Method - Your chosen closing calculation for realized gain/losses (FIFO, LIFO, HIFO)

Please note: You can always manually edit, delete, or add a trade.

It is important that users enter their average entry cost so that we can calculate the most accurate P&L in terms of both Bitcoin and fiat.

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